Post-PWC in Roldanillo

Well last night we had the awards ceremony for the World Cup; we had it at the same place we had the awards for the Roldanillo Open last week.  Full results can be found here. I expect Philippe will also have some videos up at some point.

I was able to get 100th overall, and 7th in the women's division.  Since this event also doubled as the American Continental Cup, I was able to get 2nd in the women's division.  Not quite enough for a for-sure invite to the Superfinal in Valle (they are accepting the top 3 women overall of this comp, plus the 1st place in the American Cup), but I'm hoping I can still get in either be attending another PWC and doing better, or maybe getting a spot later on if somebody else declines their Superfinal spot.

One note about travel insurance while visiting Colombia.  Apparently here the hospitals will only accept cash and not travel insurance, so you need a policy that will agree to reimburse you after you use your own credit card to pay for your medical care.  Make sure your credit card has a limit high enough to take care of any hospital bills!  A couple of pilots have been hurt while here and this issue has come up all the time, so make sure your insurance company will do this reimbursement of costs after the fact.  Hopefully next time there is a competition here the organizers will be able to arrange ahead of time with a certain hospital(s) to just care for any injured pilots and deal with the insurance later, rather than have the pilot waiting around for treatment because of confusion of who's gonna pay.

Most pilots have now left town, either for other flying in Bucamaranga, or to their airports of departure.  I don't leave until Wednesday but I'll likely spend the remaining days relaxing and enjoying the sun before I head back to Vancouver.  This place is amazing to fly.  This is supposedly a "bad" year because it's La Nina, but it's been flyable everyday since I got here, and over both comps we flew 12 out of 12 days, plus all the practice days.  I got a total of over 700km XC flown and 46 hours of airtime, so my glider is no longer brand-new :)  There is already talk of holding more major comps here, like a future World Championships or maybe even a PWC Superfinal at some point.

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