Woodside March 19

A rather "meh" day with lift barely to 1000m.  After a while of bobbing around launch I decided to fly out to land, and found an unexpected thermal just east of Kilby beach.  Gained over 100m in that light bubble!  When going out to land I noticed the property just short of FlyBC was being sprayed, so I needed to not land short, made it with ~80m of altitude to spare!

March 19 flight.

Contrail casting an interesting shadow in Agassiz!

Mt. St. Benedict March 18

Hiked up the new trail after giving our bags to Al, who was driving up with students.  The new trail is very nice, easy to follow and cushioned needles underfoot, which was nice after the first part of the hike on the old gravel road.

Got up to 1800m+ and stopped due to the airspace at 1981m, didn't want to bust!  Flew down to Dewdney Peak, partway back, then crossed over to the Steelhead side to fly the small hills over there.  Not much lift over there but as per usual, there was plenty of valley lift to get me back to the LZ and no retrieve needed!

Mt. Woodside March 9

First flight of 2020, time to dust off the cobwebs and get the gear ready for another season!

Cold at cloud base and flew around launch for an hour and a half, not quite high enough for me to want to cross west to Sasquatch.  Top landed to drive a truck down.