Mt. St. Benedict February 24, 2021

 My first hike-n-fly of the season!

There is still too much snow on the Mt. St. Benny road to drive up, so everyone is hiking up via the new trail from Cascade Falls Regional Park.  It takes me just under 2 hours...most people will likely be faster ;)

Maybe a half dozen pilots on launch, with light cycles and some snow to run through, although not too deep.  By the time I got ready the cycles had strengthened and it was easier to take off vs. the earlier pilots.

Snowy Mt. St. Benedict launch.  Photo courtesy of Alex Raymont.

The shade was slowing coming in so I didn't get very high, maybe 1200m, and I turned around just past Allan Lake so I could make it back in the disappearing lift.  I believe a few other pilots went to Dewdney and made it back successfully as well.

Pretty much full shade in the LZ when I landed, although it re-sunned again for an hour or so later on, so it was maybe possible to fly for a 2-hour period today.  Spring is coming!