Woodside April 17, 2022

One of the rare good spring days we've had so far this year!  Lots of pilots out as it was the weekend and it was high-ish and cold!

Pretty easy cruising over to Bear and then topped up to 1800m for the crossing over to the Butterfly.  The Bridal side seemed to working better vs. Woodside, at least the climbs felt better, but west of Upper launch I had trouble getting as high as I had been getting further east.  Tried getting high at Gloria for the crossing back to Woodside but that wasn't really working, so returned to Upper launch, that wasn't really working as well :(  

Oh well, back to Lower launch where it's reliable, got to 1700m, and went for the glide back to Woodside.  Unfortunately the west wind had arrived down low and I didn't get any lift on Hopyard or Cemetery Hills, nor the sandbars, so landed at Harvest West dike field.  Thank you Al for picking me up!

46km FAI triangle flight.

Lower MacKenzie Pemberton April 11, 2022

I was in Pemberton for 2 weeks to cat-sit, and had brought my glider.  April is really too early for Pemberton flying as there is still snow around, especially in the Whistler valley.  But after most of the 2 weeks in the rain and snow, we finally had a possible fly day!

It was a bit on the unstable side for big XC, and in any case it was too cold to want to be up there for too long...-20C or even colder at 3000m!  I could only handle the cold for 30 minutes or so, had to land as the air was a bit too dynamic and too north for my liking and I couldn't feel my hands!  I believe Guillaume and Corey flew to Whistler though!

Methinks it's a bit unstable!!