Lower MacKenzie Pemberton April 11, 2022

I was in Pemberton for 2 weeks to cat-sit, and had brought my glider.  April is really too early for Pemberton flying as there is still snow around, especially in the Whistler valley.  But after most of the 2 weeks in the rain and snow, we finally had a possible fly day!

It was a bit on the unstable side for big XC, and in any case it was too cold to want to be up there for too long...-20C or even colder at 3000m!  I could only handle the cold for 30 minutes or so, had to land as the air was a bit too dynamic and too north for my liking and I couldn't feel my hands!  I believe Guillaume and Corey flew to Whistler though!

Methinks it's a bit unstable!!

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