Woodside October 5

Surfing the leading edges of the clouds
Clouds forming out front too
A surprising day as the clouds parted, it became sunny, and the thermals started up!  Cloudbase was quite low so not really XC-able (although Peter did manage to scunge to Agassiz Mtn and back) but it was a nice mellow day flying in amongst the forming clouds.  Eventually top-landed to enjoy the sun on launch and socialize with the weekend pilots and then swapped gliders with Alex.  Flight #2 on the Alpina2 was just as nice as the clouds kept forming around 1000m and I kept flying in and out of them so I could see my glory reflection on the clouds below me.

Flying through the wispies of the decaying clouds
Riverside LZ was busy with lots of pilots and Bill who was mowing the grass.  The LZ is looking in great shape as the constant mowing is finally allowing grass to overcome the brambles, which have now been forced to the edges of the field and not an issue for anybody but those who go uber-long or uber-short.  Thanks Bill for doing this on a flyable day!
Bill of LZ mower extraordinaire!