Free flying day in Roldanillo

I ended up missing the ride to the coffee plantation, but met up with Pawel and Jim who were going up to a new launch over town.  Decided to check it out; it's the front lawn of a local pilot.  But we got there quite late in the day for the site (another morning site and we got there at 12:30), so Jim and I sunk out on opposites sides of a small valley, sidehill landing since the valley bottom was all jungle.  Oh well, not a big deal since we were so close to town and I can now spend the rest of the day relaxing like I originally planned.

Last night's party/awards ceremony was held at a swimming pool resort.  Full results can be found here.  We had a fun time getting back to town as our bus driver disappeared and we ended up cramming 21 people in a Jeep.  Like a clown car!

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