Woodside March 6

After over a month of no flying since Colombia, I got to fly today!  It was just a local flight at Woodside, but I got to go over the back to Agassiz Mountain and then land at Harvest Market for a small 14km XC.

It was friggin cold though!  After the shorts-and t-shirts of Colombia I felt like the Michelin Man.  Fortunately I was wearing my chemical heat warmers in my mitts, so I was able to stay up for over 2 hours and no frostbite.

There's lots of snow on the Woodside road...we got as far as the 4km mark in Al's truck and had to hike the rest of the way in (20 minutes).  The snow is still thigh-deep in places but there's now a well-trod path so you don't have to posthole it anymore.

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