Pemberton July 26

I originally wanted to try flying to the Rutherford Valley since I haven't yet done this, but I had to change my plans after flying over to Handcar and discovering a lot of north wind and not much lift.  In fact, the whole Miller side of the valley wasn't great, I couldn't really get high, so I bailed back to the Owl Ridge side of things where it was *much* better!  So much in fact, that airspace was going to be an issue!

Cloudbase was somewhere around 4200m, although we are only allowed to 3810m.  I suspect many pilots flew higher than that today ;)

Out to Goat Mountain and back to MacKenzie was a breeze with the cloud base and it was COLD, since we weren't planning on getting that high and so hadn't dressed properly ;)

Lots of haze in the air from BC forest fire smoke!

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