Mt. St. Benedict July 3

Mt. St. Benedict with both the upper and lower launch visible, as well as the Dike LZ along the river.
A surprisingly good day, super-light winds and in fact there was a touch of east or north up high (it was forecast to go very outflow the next day) just to keep things interesting.  The run up to Dewdney was fine and cloudbase was around 1400m initially, but by the end of the day it had risen to over 1600m.  Perfect conditions to cross west over to the Steelhead!
Looking up Stave Lake from over the Steelhead.

Beautiful cu's over the Steelhead bumps and the Stave Lake dam was very nearby.  Al and Claudia joined me and it was sweet flying...not too windy and high clouds made the flying very fun!

30 km FAI triangle

Looking into the Fraser Valley from the Steelhead.

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