Stubnerkogel June 10

Crossing to the north side of the Pinzgau valley
Aborted triangle attempt.

My first flight off this mountain south of the Pinzgau valley and it's an early launch with it being possible to fly starting at 9:30am.  But in order to get high enough to cross to the north side of the Pinzgau valley you probably want to wait an hour or so ;)

Heading back south as the development starts to get big.
The day was forecast to overdevelop at some point so it was a race to see how far around a triangle course we could get before being shut down.  I managed to make it back to the Pinzgau valley after tagging the northern ridges just as the OD was making itself felt, and ended up landing in Uttendorf as a cell blew up just west of me, as well as another one to the east closer to where we had started.  A very civilized bus/train/car ride back to the car and we never actually got rained on, although Alex reported some gust fronts shortly after he landed in Zell am See.

Safely on the ground!

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