Kossen Austrian Open June 8

A not-so-great day today as I sunk out quite early.  Today's task was an almost-repeat of task 1, a big 150km-ish triangle.  Cloudbase was predicted to be higher than yesterday so busting airspace was a real possibility this time around.  They are allowing pilots who break 3800m to turn 90 degrees to the courseline and lose altitude safely until they are below, before continuing on.  But if you get above 3900m then you are zeroed for the day.  Quite a nice sportive solution to cloudsuck and trying to get down in the midst of a gaggle.

I didn't have to worry about this as cloudbase (on the first part of the triangle at least) was only around 3300m.  Getting to Hochkoenig wasn't a problem although at times it felt like a bit of an east headwind.  The crux for me was crossing into the Pinzgau valley afterwards…like last time I got high for the transition but I was unable to stay high enough to clear the terrain and ended up landing up high on the plateau above Taxenbach.

A beautiful alpine meadow greeted me and a leisurely walk down to the town in the valley below where I was retrieved.  I didn't feel so bad when yesterday's day winner showed up in the retrieve too :)  The meadow was beautiful and I was able to soak in the sun and Austrian scenery on my walk, so I ended up having a good day despite not flying very far!

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