Bassano and the Dolomites

Time to start heading west so off to Bassano in northern Italy for a few days...Bassano, like most other European sites, has built-in infrastructure such as shuttles and pilot hotels and campgrounds, and multiple launches to choose from.

Over the flats at Bassano, looking north.
It was quite hard to get up from launch as it was stable down low (moderate north up high...this site hides from north wind quite well), but after some time I was able to get to 2000+m and fly the range a bit before it got too big and overdeveloped from the back.  We ran into Mike Sadan and his family here as well as they are on their own European trip.

Hitting the snowline in the Dolomites.
Next day was a trip to the Dolomites as it was too windy to fly and I've always wanted to see them.  Jagged spires of rock and you can drive quite high so any hikes are very quickly above the treeline and you can see for km's.  We ended up doing the Misurina Lake hut first you in the sun and heat but as you get higher you're in snow (it's still early season there and the hut was just opening to visitors) and it's colder.  And the backside of the loop is still fully in snow but fortunately downhill, so you can slide/footski downhill quicker than postholing uphill!  It was a beautiful day and almost no people once we left the parking lot.  I would highly recommend a hike in the Dolomites if you are in the area.  Just remember the snow up high if you are there before July ;)

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