Beautiful Austria June 1-2

SW launch with cu's quickly growing to the west.
It's been a bit overdeveloped the past few days but we've been able to fly between storm cells.  Yesterday it got quite nice at the Kossen paragliding testival where a bunch of us were able to get up and cross the valley to the north despite the moderate north winds.  Alex and Hardy demo'd several gliders each before it started pouring rain in the LZ...many of the late pilots landed in pouring rain and handed dripping wet gliders back to the demo booths...I'm sure the reps were not impressed ;)
Heading back to launch before landing as the rain came!
The north wind is sticking around for a bit but Monday it was slightly reduced, allowing us to fly at Griefenburg.  Lots of big clouds around with many dropping rain so it wasn't a big XC day, but Alex and I flew towards Lienz before encountering the NW wind and turning back for launch and landing as it started to rain in the mountains.  Unfortunately we had a double fatality as two hang gliders mid-aired over launch and both crashed onto the road to launch with neither getting their reserve out.  A sad day here in the Fliegercamp tonight.

Even from above Austria is picturesque!
We are currently staying at the pilot campground in Griefenburg which is sweetly set up for visiting pilots (of which there are many)...there is a PG shop/school based at the campground as well as shuttle service to the launches and the LZ is a stone's throw away.  I've also found Austria to be super-clean.  There is absolutely no trash on the sides of the roads, everything is neatly in its place, and everywhere you look could be used for a postcard.

Hopefully the north wind will continue to abate in the coming days so we can get some really nice flying.

Short Griefenburg flight between rain cells


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