Annecy June 24

Time to test-fly a new glider since we are in the area with easy test-flying opportunities!  Grabbed an XS Gin Carrera and took her out for a spin from Planfait on a windy and turbulent day.  Easier to fly vs. my current glider but the riser setup is not optimized for rear-riser flying with no handles and awkward risers, and the Gin balls on the brakes are just in the way for my personal style of holding the brakes.

It got really windy later in the day so I was glad to be on a lower-rated glider as the LZ was very turbulent.  In fact shortly after I landed a tandem blew their landing and crashed, hurting the passenger enough to warrant an ambulance and trip to the hospital.  We were glad to be on the ground as the day just got windier and windier.

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