Kobarid for a few days

After the awesome weather we had in Austria it seems the weather is turning for the worse...instability and storms over a widespread geographic area and noplace really to run.  So we decided to head to Slovenia and Kobarid to wait it out...not expecting it to be great weather, but with the Polish/Lithuanian Open happening last week and the Belgian Open now in Kobarid, at least we're with some other pilots!

Finally had a flight off Stol launch after striking out at both Lijak and Kobala (not on the same day though!).  The day started off with little promise as it was very shady, but we were able to stay up in the light lift until the sun came out.  Flew around Kobarid and many valley crossings, got bored, and landed, and of course that's when the sky turned fully cu-y and it got gorgeous-looking and racy-fast for the comp pilots.  I believe 10-ish pilots made goal on the 46 km task; hopefully they will get another task in before the comp finishes for more validity!

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