Valle de Bravo Jan 3

Heading for the lake LZ.
Well after over 2 months of no flying (Canadian winter!) I was finally back in the saddle with a nice aerial tour to work the kinks out.  I have to admit, I was kinda expecting things to feel a bit "off" due to my hiatus, but in fact it was probably the nicest flying I've had in Valle in years.  The skies were popping, winds were light-ish, it wasn't rough or snarky anywhere I flew!  It was the perfect day for those of us wanting niceness...many pilots who had just showed up and were flying for the first time in months (some since August), also said the conditions were awesome.  I think it may have been partially due to the rain we had yesterday which may have "mellowed" things out a bit.

We did have a reserve toss over the Wall...well kinda.  The pilot chucked after a collapse on an entry-level glider, but the reserve flew back into his face and enveloped him, while the glider started flying again.  So he clawed the reserve from himself and stuffed it onto his lap, flew to the Piano LZ, and apparently had a hard time getting down :)

A nice chillout session at the lake LZ, working on our tans, as we watched everyone else come in.  As well there is now boat-towing off the LZ...650 pesos per tow for those who want to acro their way down over and over again.

Time to eat and then repeat tomorrow!

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