Monarca Open final results

Monarca final results.

After 6 awesome tasks we finally found out who was the winner...Josh Cohn hung onto 1st place overall and Brett Hazlett got 2nd place!  Marko came in 3rd place overall.

I took women's 1st place and 23rd overall!  Before this comp I had mentioned, mostly in jest, that it would be nice to place in the top 20, but I wasn't very serious.  Had I not landed out today I probably would have retained top 20, but 23rd is pretty close and this is the best finish I've had in years outside of a Canadian comp.

The racing this week was fantastic and the task committee made some good challenging tasks that took us places we don't normally go on non-comp days.  It was really fun seeing how much I could keep up with the Big Boys and learning tonnes about following lifty lines and letting the glider do its job.  After 10 days of flying here, I managed over 36 hours airtime and ~450 km XC, which is pretty sweet when you consider it's January.  Valle is such a great place to fly and you're pretty much guaranteed oodles of airtime, at the perfect time of year when you're wanting to get away.

Back to Vancouver now and the cold...likely no flying for at least another month, and then it'll be coming up to XC season in the Fraser Valley!!!