Valle de Bravo Jan 6

Flying down the lake from the dam.
Decided to not stray too far from the lake since we had registration and safety meetings to do later on; many pilots opted for the same, going either to Divis and the lake, or a flight to Saucos and return.  I opted to run to Divis and Escalaria, before returning towards Divis on the other side and jumping off the backside of the Mesa to the dam, before doing the "Superfinal" glide to La Pena.  The backside of the Mesa was working surprisingly well with nice clouds and not much wind, and being so far upwind of the lake LZ, it was nice to be able to tour around the upper end of the lake and have the LZ within glide the entire time.   Lots of pilots followed me to Divis and Escalaria, but I had the return flight on the Mesa backside pretty much all to myself; nice!

Jan 6 tracklog.

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