Valle de Bravo Jan 4

Another beautiful day with some chance of OD, so I ended up doing a similar flight to yesterday since I didn't want to be caught out in the shade if things shut down.  Lots of shade over Maguey so after getting to cloudbase around 3100m over Espina a bunch of us headed for 3 Kings instead which was still in sun.  It was the kind of day where you were either at cloudbase and fighting to stay out of the cloudsuck, or scratching close to the trees/rocks...there wasn't much of an in-between today!

SE winds so the run to Divisidero was quick heading there, and slower coming back, the opposite of what it usually does there.  Maguey was still shaded out (and appeared to stay shady all day) so back to 3 Kings to top-up and then head across to Iglesia and the convergence, before heading to Escalaria to see how far east the convergence went.  There were patches of sun towards Saucos and the Butterflies, but a whole lot of shade and big tall clouds; I saw some pilots go that way but I turned around for the sun and a nice landing at the lake LZ and a torta.

I believe the Norwegians did a large-ish task to Mesa-D and then La Pila after the Divis leg, and maybe 8-10 pilots made it back.  Many other pilots landed out either at Saucos or Jovan's after getting flushed off the backside of the Mesa by the south winds.

After 2 days of easy flying to get back in the groove, I'm feeling pretty good so I hope to do something different tomorrow (weather permitting).  Let the good weather continue!

Jan 4 track.

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