Woodrat and the beginning of the WCPC

Yesterday's flight wasn't the greatest for me...I wasn't able to get high over launch, so opted to cross the valley to Rabies low (5100') just to see if I could get up on the other side from such a low starting altitude. Yes I was able to get to the other side, but no lift to be found at the antenna so I turned back and landed at the regular LZ. Alex had a better flight, getting almost all the way to Grant's Pass before returning and landing out near the Hunter's LZ.

Today was a much nicer day. More clouds and the development was closer than yesterday, but easier lift and more of it. Crossed to Rabies successfully and then did the run to just before Grant's Pass along with all the other comp pilots here for practice. Cloudbase was about 10,000' which is a nice altitude for around here. Tracklog is here.

When a bunch of us turned back for Woodrat the development to the south was getting big and anvils were starting to form, so we all decided to land at Longsword's vinyard (45 km OR). This LZ is nicer to land at in the middle of the day (more steady winds vs. the Hunter's which can be switchy winds), and the owners now have a policy of when you land there, you get a free glass of wine! So of course about 30 pilots landed there today, and I imagine we'll be having this LZ as a goal field some days of the comp.

Lightening as the anvils came overhead to round out the day (everyone was on the ground by then), and one of the lightening strikes hit Woodrat Mountain just below the north launch and started a forest fire. Last we saw before it got dark the local fire department was still fighting the fire so we hope it's out by tomorrow so we can fly :)

There are about 40 pilots registered for the WCPC (Veronica is the other Canuck registered) so it'll be a nice intimate comp, compared to the Worlds in Valle (my last comp), hopefully with nicer start gaggles too!

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