Bridal May 27

A rather average looking day but still Bridal-able. Arrived in the LZ to see some visiting American pilots who knew they were in an LZ, but weren't sure about the way up.

Up on launch it was pretty quiet but nice cycles. Over at Woodside we could hear Robin and Kevin flying at about 1100m, eventually flying over the back to Agassiz Mountain and then to Harvest as there was wind lines on Harrison Bay. Robin was flying his new Mantra M3 and Kevin was busy drooling over it; I think we'll have another M3 in the Valley soon :)

For a while I was the only one in the air...Alan was over at Woodside driving for Jim and a tandem-friend of his, so I flew to Elk by myself and found the best lift over there.

In the bowl east of Archibald I came across Alex again, who reported seeing a large bear in the scree meadow below him. Sure enough I saw a very large bear (not sure if it was a really large brown-colored black bear, or a grizzly, but it sure was huge) ambling it's way along the scree meadows.

Back to Gloria and it was definitely getting shady from the cirrus cloud moving in, so I returned to launch and top-landed in perfect conditions to drive Ian's truck down. Ian was doing a tandem with Leon (paramotor pilot) and they had a nice 40 minute flight or so before they got shut down by shade.

Alex and I are now off to Woodrat for the West Coast Paragliding Championships so will be (hopefully) blogging daily.

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