Bridal March 6

I was unable to get away for the awesome looking skies on Friday, but there was a work party planned for the Bridal LZ on Saturday. The plan was to do some more work on moving the dirt from the ditch to the low spot in the LZ and clean up the ditch area a bit more. We had about a dozen pilots show up from 9 to 11 am, and were able to get most of the important work finished.

It was looking pretty stable, no clouds, and since we were already on the Bridal side, we opted to stay and fly Bridal rather than head to Woodside. We ended up not launching until rather late, after 3pm, and it was very stable conditions and virtually impossible to thermal above launch.

In fact, the only people to get above launch were those who launched from Elk, got up (to 1900m apparently), and flew to Bridal, flying over the lower launch where we were still sitting and chilling. Kevin was able to thermal back up over the Bridal overpass as it appeared that most of the lift earlier in the day was out in the valley and not close in.

Looks like there was some activity at Woodside, but not sure if it was any better over there. Most pilots were able to stay up for a while at Bridal; I managed to get just over 1 hour. Looks like the local weather is going to turn for the worse in the next week so we are heading south to warmer and drier climes for a few weeks.

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