Woodside February 22

Today wasn't as good as was essentially zero wind up high, and LnV elsewhere. The fire at Lake Errock was saying light inflow by the end of the day, but that didn't help matters. We stayed on launch until around 2pm, when people started launching. Most sunk out to the last couple of cutblocks and were able to stay there indefinitely, eventually sinking out as sink cycles came through or too many people crowded the lift down there.

Most people were launching and heading south; Derek said we should try heading north. So after he launched I followed suit and went north, where I found a semi-reliable patch of lift between launch and the north cliffs. Derek meanwhile had flown out; someone mentioned he had a tangle or knot.

I was able to stay in the patch of lift and get above launch (Martina beat me to that goal though; she had launched before me and gotten above launch for 1-2 minutes earlier). Highest was 840m. But I spent most of the 1.5 hour flight at launch height or below, scratching in the light lift and glad I had the skies to myself and nobody to have to share with :)

Gary Hatchey showed up with a tandem and got off launch around 3pm; he didn't encounter much lift either and headed for Eagle Ranch. As I eventually sunk out into Riverside another carload of pilots showed up for sledrides and followed me into Riverside, or Joe's.

Definitely a harder day than yesterday, but still satisfying to get some practice in light lift conditions. Looks like no flying (thermal-wise anyways) for the next few days, so back in the bag the 'bag goes.

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