Red Rocks March 24-25

After arriving in Las Vegas we found the climbing campground and then got ourselves oriented. Spent 2 days on various easy sport routes on the Panty Wall, Magic Bus, and Black Corridor. The rocks here are pink and red sandstone, which is a nice change from the sharp rocks of New Jack City and the gritty granite of Joshua Tree.

The scenery is very beautiful and lots of tourists are here as well taking photos and doing short hikes. We did a hike today on the way to our day's routes, taking the back way into the park to get some additional exercise and see the gullies and flood washes up close. The rock here has amazing shapes and colors...little caves all over the place, overhangs, native rock art, and changes in the colors as you move from cliff to cliff. And to go along with all this red and pink sandstone is red and pink sand like you'd find at the beach. Unfortunately it's so fine it gets into everything with the slightest breeze (of which there are plenty) so you end up pretty dirty at the end of the day!

We are thinking of trying a final route at Red Rocks tomorrow morning, and then hit the road for Zion National Park. We are slowly making our way north and it's showing in the colder temperatures at night. Daytimes are still fine, so long as it remains sunny :)

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