Zion National Park

After getting in some final climbing at Red Rocks we headed north to Zion National Park for some hiking, and a chance to rehab my fingers after several days of hanging off them. Today we hiked up the Angel's Landing trail, which is a steep ascent of 1500' to 5800'. The final part of the trail is on a knife-edge of a ridge, with steep 1500' cliffs on both sides. There are no railings or walls, the occasional chain to help haul you up, and is completely base-jumpable (I'm pretty sure it's been done, despite being illegal I imagine). There are, however, plenty of signs warning that people with vertigo or fear of heights should avoid this final section, no small children, the unfit, etc etc etc.

The way back down was much quicker than the ascent :) and then we did a couple of easier hikes to some hanging gardens, canyons, waterfalls, and river gorges. The difference from Vegas is amazing, even though we're only 2 hours north. There is actual flowing water, dripping greenery in spots, and real deciduous trees, not just transplanted palms. And we actually got to see some weather in the form of storm clouds in the distance and signs of recent precipitation. It's also getting colder...down to 3C last night and glad to have the overbags just in case.

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