Valle de Bravo January 11

Coming in over the Lake
After yesterday's final day of the Copa Intrepidos comp, I was feeling tired so I only did a quick local flight from Penon, landing back at the Lake.  Meanwhile Andrew, Al, and Steven decided to try to fly a circuit to the volcano and back, while Trey and Peter did the same but starting from the opposite direction.  Andrew landed up near the volcano and had a couple hours of hiking out before he got to a road with a taxi to Temascaltepc, while Al landed up near Oxtotilpan for his own taxi ride back.  I believe Pete made it back, at least according to his XC Find track ;)

Toluca volcano is in the clouds.  Al and Andrew and Steven are back there someplace!
The final results of the comp are now available, they can be found here.  Eric Paquette of Quebec was the top Canadian, with Alex only 18 points behind.  I believe we had something like 20 Canadians in the comp, so we are well-placed throughout the results.  Great job guys!

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