Fun task in Valle January 7

Finally a good weather day!  I think the task committee was a bit gun-shy after the past 2 days, so a pretty short 40km task was set which would put us in Amanalco to the NE of Valle.

Today's task: Piano-Diente-Sacamacate-Amanalco.
Conditions on launch seemed a bit strong, so myself and several of the other female pilots decided to launch right away.  (Later on, an American pilot went into the trees after launching with a cravatte and tore up his glider quite impressively).  Of course this meant 1.5 hours of waiting for the race start, but the clouds over Crazy Mesa were pretty mellow at around 3100m so the wait was pleasant.

Final glide to Amanalco.
Once the race started it was off to Diente and then tank up at the Wall before diving over the back to Sacamacate.  I had the opportunity to watch an Enzo2 pilot perform a full stall right in front of me on the way back from the start, as he had a collapse which had cravatted; I had to make a quick move myself to get out of his way as he full-stalled past me, getting his glider restarted with a few hundred feet over the Crazy Mesa trees to spare.

A few pilots dropped off on the way to Sacamacate, landing at the Penitas.  Alex Wedensky was attacked by an eagle at Penitas, but his glider was OK; this eagle has been harassing many pilots who pass by lately, beware!  But the majority of the field continued on under the convergence which had set up in the usual place.

Over goal in Amanalco.
If you stayed connected with the convergence clouds ~3300-3400m you only needed one more good climb to make it to Amanalco, so lots of pilots were making it to goal with oodles of height.  I think in the end we had something like 50+ pilots in goal and a good portion of the townspeople came out to watch the show.  We had good representation with ~10 Canadians making goal today!

Flight is here.
Packed goal field!

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