Cloudy Valle Jan 3

Lots of clouds this morning but that usually burns off, today that never really happened with it staying quite shady for the most part.  I actually left for the Penon a bit too early I think and got caught in the high cirrus, didn't make it out and ended up landing next to the road.  A quick taxi ride back to Valle and I was all good (the sun had come out by now and it was quite strong on launch, so I didn't bother going back for round #2).

Meanwhile the boys were cruising over to the Wall and getting high to 3200m+ and dodging the clouds.  Apparently all the way to Divis it was quite cloudy and shady and (too) easy to fly into the clouds :)

Al, Will, and Greg made it back to the Lake LZ under mostly cloudy skies, Greg's and Al's first real Valle XC flights.  More water landings today, as we were waiting for Al to come in Greg and I watched as a pilot came in way too high, overflew the LZ, and crashed his body/harness through the hedge to the NW of the LZ.  Fortunately his glider lines didn't catch on the hedge bushes, and we shortly heard the "sploosh" as he landed in the water next to the boat ramp.

Alex, Andrew, and Dave landed out, Alex just outside Valle, and Andrew and Dave up towards the Butterflies area.  I think Ty top-landed after doing a triangle :)  You can actually see all the live tracking of the Canadians here.

Tomorrow is the official practice day and registration for the Copa Intrepidos comp, and Monday is the first task!

Al landing in style at the Valle LZ (staying off his twisted ankle)!

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