Cancelled day January 6

Sled riding up a storm to the Piano LZ.

In a rare turn of events for Valle, today was cancelled due to unfavourable launching conditions.  It was predominately east wind, and normally this isn't a problem if it's sunny enough for the regular SW to overcome it.  But today was quite cloudy so the valley out front never heated up enough to produce an anabatic flow.  There was the occasional up cycle but they were pretty anemic.
Today's goal field
Before the day was cancelled we went through 3 task iterations.  In the end it didn't matter and after the day was cancelled, some pilots went free-flying with interesting light-wind and no-wind launches ;)  I opted to take the shuttle down and get to the goal LZ party early where there was plenty of food and music to be had.
One of the perks of the comp...daily food at goal!

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