Final day in the Copa Intrepidos January 10

Epic-looking skies today for the final day of the Copa Intrepidos comp.  This time a 65-ish km task was set out to 3 Kings, Divisidaro, across the convergence to Saucos, back to Serro Gordo, La Casa, and finally into the goal field at Casa Viejo.

Waiting for the start over the flats in front of Penon
Unfortunately I didn't make it around the course; I got stuck on the Divis ridge and ended up landing at the base of St. Augustine with Luis.  His Mum came and picked us up so it was all good and we were back at the goal field getting scored in no time!

Meanwhile the gaggle was still flying and coming into goal.  Alex, Greg, and Will made goal, Will for the first time this comp, congratulations Will!

Female podium!
During the prize-giving we had a special surprise as the organizing team had bought canisters of foam and were spraying all the winners as they came forward to claim their plaques made from local wood, courtesy of the Quintanilla brothers.

I've been foamed!
The special Naviter Oudie2 prize went to Mark Florence, fellow Canuck from Calgary!

Because I had done so poorly in today's task, I thought for sure I had lost 1st place to Patty (local Valle pilot on an IP7 Pro), but it looks like due to FTV every pilots' worst score was dropped, which means I actually got to retain 1st place!  Eric Paquette from Quebec snagged 1st place in the Sports Class, while Alex managed to hold onto 2nd place.

Setting up the paper hot air balloon
Official results are not yet out due to some issues with the overall class winners, but when they are, they'll be here.

Some pilots are leaving tomorrow, but our group is here for a few more days yet so we'll be doing some more flying and maybe hiking the Toluca volcano if the snow isn't too deep.

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