A tougher day in the Copa Intrepidos January 8

Today's task was out towards Divis before turning around at Atesquelites, heading back to Cerro Gordo, and landing at Quintanillas.  Similar conditions to yesterday except for more high cirrus coming in which was to make the task a lot harder.

Today's task: Divis-3Kings-Atesquelites-Cerro Gordo-Quintanillas

For some reason I was feeling a bit off all day; I had a not-so-great start and the trek out to Divis was low and painful, and I didn't reconnect with the clouds until Cerro Gordo.  The convergence line was a bit too far east to be of real use for flying to Atesquelites, so pilots had to tank up at St. Augustine before heading out.  I wasn't able to stay connected once off Saint Augustine and basically scunged myself over to Atesquelites before landing on the way back to Cerro Gordo.

Race start to Divisidaro.
Ty and Jeff Wishney landed next to me and we opted for a quick taxi ride to Valle rather than the comp shuttle.  Al and Andrew landed west of Mesa de Delores along with a German pilot who injured his ankle on landing: the ambulance was dispatched to take him to the hospital.  Dave Edgar landed out between Divis and 3 Kings and had a looong walk ahead of him to a road and retrieve.  Alex and Eric did the best of the Canadians today by making goal...good job guys!   Results

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