World Championships cancelled

Well it's official and the FAI has cancelled the rest of the comp and the two tasks flown thus far will count as the official results.

Open-class PG's are currently banned from FAI category 1 competitions.  We are not sure how long this ban will be in effect for, or what this will mean for FAI category 2 comps (eg. the Canadian PG Nats coming up next week).  PWC's are not affected by this decision.

I have conflicting emotions about this whole thing.  After the events of 2009, and with the mandatory inclusion of certain harnesses and helmets at FAI category 1 comps, and with the current political climate of the FAI, I opted to decline my spot and skip the Worlds this time around.  Now from the sidelines I'm watching things devolve into a shit-show as the FAI appears to distance itself from the whole thing.  The deaths of Francisco Vargas and Eitel von Muhlenbrock are tragic and thought-provoking...were their gliders part of the equation, or was it more the mentality of comp pilots in general (eg. full speed whenever possible, among other things) that contributed?  These questions and more will be dissected in full over the next few days and weeks, I'm sure.

About the cancelling of the rest of the comp: a few days ago I didn't think this would happen, if only because too many pilots and organizations had invested so much into it.  But I was wrong.  Given that so many pilots are there already, many with sponsorships and donations to make their attendance possible in the first place, some sort of memorial, non-FAI comp may take place.  But  I imagine a significant number of pilots may just go home.  If I were there, what would I do?  Honestly, I don't know and I'd have to think about it a bit more.

My thoughts are with our Canucks there: Brett, Keith, and Claudio.  Whatever you guys decide to do, stay or leave, I am behind you!

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