Personal rest day July 26

It was cloudy and raining in the distance this morning, so the day was cancelled due to afternoon thunderstorms and OD.  This looks like the last obviously cancellable day for the rest of the comp; drier air is now moving in and the next wave of monsoonal moisture is not predicted until the weekend (when the comp finishes anyways).  So tomorrow we will most likely be going up to launch.

I did pretty much nothing with my day except catch up on sleep from the long days and late evenings as of late.  Some people went to the hotsprings, others went to Capitol Reef National Park, and others did a reconnaissance of Mt. Edna which is an east-facing morning site (turns on at 9:30am).  Apparently up to quite recently you couldn't drive all the way in due to snow (launch is at 11, 700') but as of today you can get to launch.  So, we may end up using Edna at some point this week for a change of pace since this site affords an early XC day.

The town of Monroe put on a free chicken dinner for pilots this evening; we are all stuffed and ready to fly tomorrow!

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