Road trip!

Well I'm on the road for the next 2 weeks...the Canadian Nationals in Golden, followed by the US Nationals in Richfield (Utah) the week after.  Pulling into Golden now (Friday), it's cloudy but the forecast for the next day or two are looking good sun-wise.  With our luck, the practice days will be the best of the entire PG comp :)

CIVL's decision to recommend banning comp gliders in cat 2 comps is still having ripple effects...Canada and the US have decided (for now, at least), to allow comp gliders in their upcoming Nationals.  Some other countries have decided otherwise.  It's a total mess!  Fortunately I'm flying serial now so I don't have to worry about what glider to fly...


  1. So glad I am not there. I have been flying in Switzerland instead where I am still totally accepted for my style choice...haha. I feel like a punk rocker.
    Good Luck in the comps.
    Keith the Exiled Member of Team Canada

  2. ...remember....i fly vicariously through you....i will be following your safe....

    the other martin