Bridal July 4

Despite all the flying I've done on the Bridal side of the Fraser Valley this year, it's all been originating from Woodside and I haven't actually flown *from* Bridal yet.  Today was actually my first proper Bridal flight this year.

We had a visiting pilot from Germany flying Bridal for the first time, so I made sure he got off launch safely before launching myself.  In the air it was a bit punchy and the glides were punctuated with a bit of turbulence; it was hard to stay on the bar for long periods of time without getting jostled around at some point.  But there was plenty of lift and easy to do the Bridal milkrun from Ludwig to Elk.

At the Lakes at 1850m, looking west to Cheam
Got my highest at the Lakes on the way back from Ludwig...1850m.  This climb was different from any of the others I had experienced yet today; it was very strong and smooth (most others were a bit broken) and it was so different-feeling I looked up wondering if a stray cloud was forming (it was a blue day and the only clouds were in the back ranges although I saw one near Lady Peak behind Cheam).  No cloud but it was the nicest climb of the day!

Some pilots had toplanded at Upper Bridal but I opted not to (reports of muddy spots on the front of launch where the snow has melted off) and did a run out to the Agassiz bridge.  I was curious to find out how low I could return to the soaring knob and still get back up; Rob has done it from 250m and I've done it from 300m.  Today I got back at 260m and wasn't able to do it :( so ended up landing at the LZ.  Oh well, now I have a new challenge to do at the end of the day...can I break 250m?

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