Mt. 7 launch now has a windtalker

Mt. 7 launch has a windtalker on it now (next to the Willi and Chris memorial)...the website is here if you want to bookmark it.  A good alternative when you're in the LZ and the the windsock is not visible or you don't have binoculars etc.

Decided to skip flying today.  I had a good flight yesterday already, and today was predicted to be windier from the south, making XC in that direction a bit of a slog.  Going north was an option, and had I not flown yesterday, I probably would have flown today in that direction and dealt with the retrieve later on if I couldn't fly back.  But in the end I decided to chill out and enjoy the sun.  A bunch of pilots went up and I don't know how they are doing...they are still on launch so far as I know.

Mike Waddington hiked up to the summit and flew off with his SkyCountry Descent, taking only 5 minutes to get from the summit to the LZ :)

Edit: turns out the afternoon was pretty nice.  Lots of pilots ended up flying although most stayed local.  The south wind died off and actually turned east up high, and in the evening it turned north.  Go figure.  Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

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