Red Rock Nats July 27

Photos are here.

Well I was a bit too optimistic about flying today.  We did indeed go up the mountain, and a 65km task was set, but shortly before the window opened a large cell developed on the courseline (to the south) and started dumping rain and shooting lightening out of it.

Being on top of the largest mountain in the area, next to a bunch of metal antennas, didn't seem like such a good idea so the call was made to head down the mountain and reconvene at HQ.

Back down at HQ it wasn't much better…another large cell was approaching and the day was pretty much done at that point, task-wise.  Around 3:30pm the skies opened up and poured rain and hail at us.  Vancouver storms have nothing on a good ol' Utah storm!

Daily wx briefing can be found here, courtesy of Chris Galli and XC Skies.

We try again tomorrow...

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