Golden July 21

We figure there's a huge cell on top of this very-flat-bottomed base.
Well we tried again, but no luck!  Rain in the morning but we reconvened at 3pm when it got sunnier.  Up on launch we had a short window, but was watching a big cell come straight at us from the WSW.  Kamloops flight services was telling us "not to fly" due to impending t-storms coming our way, and Revelstoke was reporting icing conditions (snow, hail?) on the valley floor!  With all this activity surrounding us and the window closing by the minute, we opted to play it safe and cancel the day.

Will explaining what to do in a gust front.

Back on the ground and no t-storms or hail yet; but the evening is young :)  Tomorrow is the final day, and so far it doesn't look good for a task, but you never know...

It's 7:30pm and I'm just looking up at Mt. 7 from town...there's fresh snow on the upper launch and summit!

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