Pemberton July 20

After yesterday's long flight I was in the mood for a mellow XC, and I had promised Magali that she could test-fly my glider when she got off work at 4pm, so I decided to only do a short flight. Got a ride up with Bill Nicolai and his wife Linda, and I launched about 1:30pm. It was more stable than yesterday, no cu's, and the climbs were slower. But it was nice air nonetheless, and I did a short OR to Fraser Peak and back (about 27 km).

At 3:45pm I tried to top-land but it was a bit too lifty for my tastes, so I went to the Community Center LZ where Magali, Oni, and Marty were waiting. Drove them up to launch and it was just starting to turn tail on launch (but still soarable out front) so they scrambled to get off launch. A bunch of high cirrus (which XC Skies had predicted) moved in which just made things nice, less bumpy all around. Not the epic day of yesterday, but still nice climbs to 9000' at Fraser Peak.

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