Golden August 1

I was still pretty tired from yesterday's flight so I was happy to do a short flight and land at the LZ. Conditions were similar to yesterday's which meant it didn't really turn on until later (3-4pm) but then people went far! Flights to Invermere and Fairmont, and several out and returns byt the HG's.

Flight of the day goes to Fiona, who did Spillimacheen and return to Nicholson, only to see the approaching storm/gust front (it was really hazy so hard to see the embedded cu-nim coming from Revelstoke). She turned tail and outran the gust front, doing 140+ kph downwind (her chase vehicle was doing 130 km on the road and she was pulling away) until she found a field that the gust front hadn't reached yet, landed, and about 3 minutes later the 80 kph winds hit. Serge had a similar landing in Parson, landing just before it hit and partially disassembling his HG to survive the winds. Jason Dyer flew to Invermere for his new personal best both distance-wise (previous best had been about Harrogate) and time-aloft-wise.

Serge says this week has been a training camp for spotting and surviving gust fronts :) Lots of stories which will hopefully make it to AIR magazine next issue.

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