US Nats August 21

Task today was another long day, 104 km OR with the goal this time being the north side of POTM (the alternative task was a huge flight to the east, ending in Wyoming; ultimately the task committee went with the easier-to-retrieve option). As the temperature outside was 40C, I opted to stick to the air conditioning, get some work done, stay off my knee, and only went to POTM in the late afternoon in time to watch the lead gaggle come in. We had 33 pilots make goal (Ryan, Claudio, and Bernard all made goal) so lots of happy faces in the LZ. Climbs today were easier than yesterday, and higher cloudbase. One pilot reported getting to 15,000' at one point.

Kevin Ault flew here today. He and Judy, and Brad and Christine, are in the area for a hike in the Wasatch Mountains and decided to get a couple days flying in. He flew the south side this morning (I told him it would turn on by 7am; when he arrived at 7:30am it was already crowded with pilots soaring). This afternoon he flew the north side as the comp pilots were coming in and had a huge grin on his face after he landed.

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