Visit with the Mayor

Daniel P. had arranged for me to meet the Mayor of Tenancingo this morning. Apparently paraglider pilots are still enough of a rarity here that we almost rate celebrity status. Down at City Hall (surrounded by Las Federales) the Mayor and city council were just finishing up their morning session so I was introduced to them as "the competitor parapente from Canada" (what I could glean with my broken Spanish). They did a small ceremony and many speeches were made, essentially thanking me for coming to their city and would I please bring some more paraglider pilots next time :) I guess they are itching for touristos! And then I was presented with a huge gift basket full of goodies. I then made a small speech back, using Daniel M. as my interpreter, thanking them for their hospitality, that their city was very beautiful and looked very nice from the air, etc. Daniel took some photos so I'll try to get them from him later on.

Daniel P. has been a great help over the past few days. He's a Federale as well, apparently quite influential with the local government, with lots of free time, so he's been taking us up to his launch every day and phoning when we land to make sure we are OK. And he always takes the opportunity to introduce me to his friends we pass on the street. I think he is enjoying it as much as we are!

Anyways, Brad and Bernie...I'll leave the remains of the gift basket in Casa Del Piloto, since I don't have the space to take it all with me when I head to Valle, and the next visitors can munch on the goodies inside.

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