La Malinche Jan. 21

Today was the last day of flying here for Jim, Chad, and myself. Jim and Chad are on their way to Iguala to fly the site there for a couple of days before headed back to rainy Bellingham. And I'm off to Valle tomorrow.

We had arranged with Daniel P. to pick us up at 12noon, since the past few days it's been late launching and we didn't want to sit up on launch all day. This time Daniel brought a few of his buddies along, since he had some large rocks he wanted moved off the launch to make top-landing a bit safer, and also as a start to lengthening the launch down to the parking lot.

While waiting, I took a wander up to the petroglyphs that are carved in the cliffs to the east of launch. Aztec I think Daniel said. Then up to the Alligator rock lookout (it's a big green rock column at the start of the big cliffs, and the top rock has a alligator-like snout), which is quite popular with the locals. From there you are looking down at launch and have an excellent view. And the thermals really rip through have to brace yourself against the wind so you don't fall off the backside of the cliff. Go to the Picasa link on the right side to see new pics.

Nice cu's over the Volcano and to the north (I'm sure Valle was good), but around the Tenancingo Valley it was pretty blue. None of us launched until at least 2pm, and I didn't launch unti 3:30pm.

Daniel, Chad, and Jim flew back to Tenancingo since Chad and Jim had to catch the last bus to Iguala, and I went over the back to Teneria, after getting to 3000m+ over the Alligator rock. I was thinking of Malinalco, but the sink behind launch was pretty bad and not enough altitude to clear the mountains on the way to Malinalco. Landed in a plowed field just outside Teneria, and for once I was alone with no curious children running out to greet me.

Back in Tenancingo Daniel told me that Teneria is generally a sink hole, and everytime he's overflown it, it's been quite sinky. There's lots to learn about flying this place! There's so many valleys and mountain popping up at random, and the winds are different in every valley. I think this place would be a good challenge for the technically-minded, since there's so much to figure out.

So I leave tomorrow for Valle de Bravo, and should arrive there by mid-afternoon. Then it's time to meet up with the rest of the Canadian team, stop loafing around, and get ready to work :)


  1. Kick butt in Valle, Nicole! I will be cheering for you! Colleen

  2. Fly fast and Safe Nicole.

    Thanks for keeping us all up to date and let me fly vicariously. I'm back in a office job for a while and it brightens my day to toggle in during coffee.