Another travel day!

Getting from Tenancingo to Valle de Bravo was very easy. 5 minute walk from Casa Del Piloto to the bus stop, and busses to Toluca every 5-10 minutes. In Toluca transferred to a Valle de Bravo bus (platform #6) and then 2 hours later I was in Valle. Total cost of the trip: 78 pesos. Can’t beat that!

In town I heard it wasn't a good day for the female pilots...Anja and Kirsten went into the trees on the Mesa, and Ewa went into the lake while doing some SIV. Maybe it was good thing I wasn't flying today!

Jim Orava got his glider problem sorted out when the French team lent him a brand new Icepeak 3 to replace his XP (which was having line length issues). He says it’s a much faster machine than his previous glider. Brett is also enjoying his brand new Sky Eris 3. And Keith is on a Boom 6, also new. Me, I’m staying with my trusty old Magic 4 for this comp.

So the boys and myself will head up tomorrow for practice day #1, and Saturday is practice day #2 and also the opening ceremonies etc.

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