On my way, finally!

Well I'm off to Mexico after weeks of anticipation and the worst winter weather in Vancouver in decades. Sitting in the airport now; YVR has invested in free wireless internet throughout the main terminal, which is a nice feature for people who want to stay in touch while on the go.

So the plan is to arrive in Mexico City tomorrow morning (it's an overnight direct flight with Mexicana), where I'll catch the Caminante bus to Toluca. Daniel Miller (local PG pilot) is picking me up at that point for the rest of the way to Tenancingo.

For those of you not in the know, Tenancingo is less developed for paragliding compared to Valle de Bravo, but more and more pilots are going there to escape the crowds at Valle. Brad Henry (fellow Vancouver PG pilot) has a house there. Check out Casa del Piloto for the scoop on accomodations and the local flying scene.

Norm's been there for a few weeks and he's leaving tomorrow just as I arrive, so we'll probably pass each other on the road between Toluca and Mexico City :) He's been having fantastic flights, and did a flight off Nevado de Toluca last week, so I hope the weather holds. It would also be nice if the weather holds for the actual World Championships...I've been to the last 2 ('05 Brazil and '07 Manilla), and both times the weather took its toll on the comp. I'm hoping 3rd time's the charm!

Signing off till I find an internet connection in Mexico...

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