Chelan July 3-5

So after a mere 4 days in Vancouver I'm on the road again, this time to Chelan for the US PG Nationals.  The town is BUSY and everything is full so it's a good thing we know people and got a coveted spot at Beebee campground, the primo waterfront spot right on the river and furthest from the camp entrance, nice and quiet.  Several other campers have offered to switch spots with us, but uh uh we're keeping our spot!

A bit high pressury now and I flew Friday, managed to survive the glide to the powerlines by diving into a dust devil on the rim, but not much after that (it was shading over with cirrus) and I landed on the next glide.  The farmer who gave me a ride was actually going the opposite direction, but turned around and gave me a ride "because you're a girl".  Nice.  Other pilots made it further but not much action really as the shade was getting thicker and thicker as the afternoon went on.

Saturday the official practice day looked blown out so I didn't bother, some local flights but I don't believe much XC took place.  We have ~120 pilots here with a good international presence (for a US comp) and tomorrow is the first task day.  So far it's looking sunny all week with temps getting into the mid- to high-30's so it'g gonna be a hot week!

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