Willi Muller XC Challenge July 30

Today I chose not to fly but drove instead...a bit more instability vs. yesterday and a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon.  But several pilots did fly before the skies got too big.

Mt. 7 with a storm cell brewing behind.
Up on launch it was quite switchy with a persistent dust devil periodically showing up around the ramp area and swirling around for a bit before disappearing, only to reappear a few minutes later.  It kept doing this for a good 30 minutes!  Not too many people went XC as the skies were getting big all around and with the Parson forest fire putting out so much smoke, it was difficult to see what the skies were doing downrange.

View to the south as of 7:30 pm: Igor was still waiting it out on a peak near Castledale under this storm.  Smoke from the Parson fire visible as the brown smudge mixed in with the lower cloud.
Excitement of the day went to Igor who went downrange as a thunderstorm was building; he top-landed just south of Castledale to wait it out.  On the phone to Al he mentioned he would relaunch if/when the storm passed, and if necessary spend the night out on top and relaunch in the morning.

EDIT: As of 8:45 pm Igor has relaunched and flown safely to the valley bottom where he is being picked up.  Looks like Igor will get to sleep in his own bed tonight!

Meanwhile a bunch of us went to Cedar Lake for a swim and to show Andy the rope swing, which he immediately tried to excellent effect with his Go-Pro attached for a selfie during the swing/fall into the water.  Hopefully he will get some non-blurry shots!

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