Chelan Nationals July 6

Well it turned into an epic day despite the wind on launch.  If you could survive the Green Monster and stay high and get across the powerlines on the rim, you were pretty set up for some distance with the 20+ kph SW wind!

Getting high to get through the shade section over Banks Lake.
We set a task of Wilbur airport via a control TP at the south end of Banks Lake, to keep pilots near roads and easy retrieve.  Total distance around 106 km.  The first 15 km or so were a bit slow as the cu's were just starting to form, but after that it was on!  The only slow part was crossing Banks Lake...a bunch of cu's had merged together to make it quite shady so several of us had to mince our way across and make sure not to get too low and sink out.  Having said that, I almost sunk out just before Hartline, with the mandatory uber-low save frisbeeing over the powerlines before the thermal broke off properly and I was able to climb back in the game.

I actually founds lots of sink between the climbs so I was able to use that to my advantage and come into goal with only 200m to spare, enough for a few turns in sink to land in the 25 kph winds.  Others came into goal at cloudbase (3200+m) and spent 45 minutes getting down!  When I left pilots were still coming in, so I expect somewhere around 50-ish pilots in goal, with several others landing just short.  All in all an awesome first day of this comp!

Results will eventually be posted here!
Fellow Canuck Brett Y. in goal at Wilbur airport.

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