Chelan PG Nats July 11

After yesterday's mega-task people were moving very slow this morning, in fact I believe some pilots took the day off to rest and recover.  So we decided on a straightforward task of Sims Corner and back (~94 km) which would not tax retrieve and not require a lot of mental expenditure of energy by the pilots.

Sims Corner at 4000 m, looking at Banks Lake.  Lots of smoke from the Entiat and Leahy fires.
We actually got quite high on the Butte so the glide across was OK, but I had a terrible start.  I was low and downwind, and I spent a good part of the flight battling to get high and stay high.  I actually hit 4000 m at Sims Corner but other than that it was a struggle, and I landed just short of the rim on the way back, maybe 10 km short.  Just didn't seem to be my day, maybe I'm still tired from yesterday's epic flight!

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